Monday, September 30, 2013

(beanie & denim shorts from H&M, jacket from Papaya, lace crop top from A'gaci, booties thrifted from Crossroads Trading)

I'm excited to say that after a month of experimentation and frustration, I've finally found a spot that has consistently good open shade. No more unflattering lighting (I hope)! I'm still trying to experiment with a few locations, but I'm glad that I have a fairly consistent spot for taking photos now.

I think I've mentioned this in a previous post, but I really used to hate fall and winter dressing. It just seemed so cumbersome to put on so many layers. However, I'm starting to appreciate the beauty of being able to layer different pieces into one cohesive outfit.

That being said, I also love all of the things that are associated with fallmilitary jackets, pumpkin spice lattes, plaid, rich autumn colors, among other things. October is going to be a crazy month, as I have at least one midterm every week for the next month, but I'm looking forward to working more on my blog. I'm grateful that it provides a creative escape from the more mundane aspects of my daily life.

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Madewell Fall 2013

Sunday, September 29, 2013

(reblogged from RDuJour)

Madewell is definitely out of my price range, but I love looking at their lookbooks for inspiration. Their Fall 2013 lookbook is the epitome of effortless chic. I've been trying to challenge myself to incorporate different textures and prints into my looks for fall, and I really like how Madewell has layered a lot of contrasting elements together (for example, the leather jacket and the soft knit in the last photo on the left) in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

(striped button-up from Forever 21, asymmetrical moto skirt from GoJane, booties thrifted from Crossroads Trading)

I really should be studying, but blogging is so much more fun. I'm starting to get the hang of taking photos in Berkeley, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get good lighting. 

I just wanted to post a simple look with my new moto skirt from GoJane. Before this year, monochromatic looks were my comfort zone; my closet consisted almost entirely of black, white, and neutral pieces. This year, I've gotten better about incorporating color into my looks, but it's still something I need to work on. 

Have a good weekend! School is currently kicking my ass, but I'll try to post more frequently. :)

Basic Space

Saturday, September 21, 2013

(thrifted cheetah print blazer, mesh top, and platform booties from Crossroads Trading, lace bustier top from Foreign Exchange)

Man, it's been a while since I've blogged! I must admit that I've been a little unmotivated to blog recently. In the past year, I've gravitated towards living a more minimalistic life and stepped away from excess. Sometimes, I think the fashion/blogging industry has a tendency to promote materialism and the "keeping up with the Jones" mindset. It's easy to become resentful when you see bloggers buy $200 shirts, eat pricey meals, and travel the world while you're struggling to get your degree at a competitive university to pay the bills in the future. I often have to remind myself that everyone has a different life path and that I have to do what's best for my own long-term fulfillment. I remind myself that I blog because I enjoy it, not because I'm trying to impress anyone.

Onto the outfit! This is just a simple look I put together with my newly thrifted piecesthe bold animal print blazer, meshy top, and metallic-tipped platform booties. It's getting colder in Berkeley, which means I'll have plenty of chances to practice layering in the near future.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Long Run

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

(motorcycle jacket from H&M, lace bustier and asymmetrical drape skirt from Foreign Exchange, thrifted ankle boots)

This is my first outfit that I photographed since coming back from Berkeley, hence the change in scenery. I had been looking for an affordable motorcycle jacket for awhile, and I finally found one at H&M. FYI, if you sign up for H&M's online newsletter, you can get a 20% coupon.

I think the tough look of the biker jacket and ankle boots is balanced by the softer appearance of the drape skirt. I like this outfit because it balances a bunch of textures: matte leather, lace, soft knits, patent leather, and suede. In addition, the zippers on the jacket and the boots (I love double zippers) add a nice touch of metal without having to accessorize.

I'm trying to shoot more these days. I've been getting faster at completing these photoshoots, so it's fairly easy to photograph an outfit before I head out to class. 

Have a lovely day! xx

Back to Basics

Monday, September 9, 2013

(motorcycle jacket and denim shorts from H&M, thrifted knit crop top, harness boots from GoJane)

When I don't have the energy or willpower to dress up, I throw on a bunch of basics, as you can see here. Aside from my new leather biker jacket (which I will style and blog about soon), this jacket from H&M is my favorite. Adding a knit top, denim shorts, and ankle boots created an easy, comfortable, and very "me" outfit.

Have a wonderful week!

Summertime Sadness

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

(thrifted floral button-up from Crossroads Trading, cowl neck top and high-low skirt from Forever 21, heels from Zara)

I apologize for the long hiatus! I just moved into my new apartment in Berkeley last week, and it's been quite hectic adjusting to university life again. I'm still in summer mode, and, despite being a junior, I think I'm experiencing a premature form of senioritis.

I've actually had this accordian-pleated high-low skirt for awhile, but I've never really worn it. Despite my expansive closet, I had a really difficult time trying to style this skirt. In frustration, I threw on this cowl neck top and hastily tucked in this unbuttoned floral shirt into the skirt and voilaan outfit.

I'm still working out a schedule for shooting outfits (while balancing this with several other obligations), but I'm planning a lot of new content for the blog. :) Stay tuned!