Robin's Egg Blue

Saturday, March 30, 2013

(jacket from H&M, crop top from Charlotte Russe, pants from Forever 21, heels from Zara, photos by Jae)

I'm experimenting with crop tops again! Actually, this top incorporates two trendscropped and striped. Also, I'm pretty sure the last time I wore a turtleneck was in third grade and I swore I would never wear them again (oops). I'm still getting used to the whole crop top trend. It was pretty chilly when I wore this outfit and the exposed midriff did not help... hopefully I can bust out the crop tops again when it gets warmer.

Today is my last day at home for Spring Break, and, unfortunately, I'm using today to catch up on a lot of schoolwork. But on the bright side, I'm also doing some work for the blog today. Can't believe it's almost April; March went by so quickly! Also can't believe that I'll be a college junior in less than two months. It's been a tough year and I can't wait for summer.

BTW, this post is named after my favorite crayon color. :)

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