Salt and Pepper

Friday, March 1, 2013

(cardigan, vest, dress, and booties from Forever 21)

Happy Friday! It's been a busy week, but the weather is lovely today and I can't wait to take enjoy this day and take a walk in the warmth before I return to my workload. 

I'm trying to diversify more by buying and styling clothing from new brands, but I seem to have accidentally worn the same brand for this entire outfit. Haha sigh, next time... I love how the vest gives a pseudo-lapel to the cardigan. The outfit probably would have been just fine without it, but it's nice to differentiate. I opted for tan booties instead of black ones to add a little bit of color to this otherwise monochrome outfit.

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  1. Hi Tiffany, I got to your blog through lookbook, I see you're just starting out, so far it looks really cool and I'll definitely keep following! Anyway, good luck and hope you can check out my blog as well. :)