A Touch of Glitter

Thursday, June 27, 2013

(striped button-up, lace shorts, and spike wedges from Forever 21, tiered glitter collar top from Charlotte Russe)

I took these photos in quite possibly the worst lighting conditions ever. I've been feeling a little under the weather since coming back from sunny Los Angeles, literally. For some reason, the Bay Area was oddly dreary and humid at the beginning of this week, which discouraged me from wanting to do anything. But for the sake of my blog and developing self-discipline, I woke up early yesterday to take these photos. While the weather had improved, the lighting conditions were ever-changing between overcast lighting and direct sunlightmy two least favorite types of lighting for outfit photos... I definitely love the comfort zone of golden hour lighting and open shade, so this was a bit of a challenge for me. However, I think it was a great experience; it's always good to challenge yourself and try new things. I hope to experiment more with photography and shooting in different conditions, though my time feels very limited these days.

This was a very simple outfit I put together when I was feeling rather uninspired and lazy from the dull weather. Decided to mix a few unexpected prints and textures, including the bold stripes, glitter collar, and tiers. I also decided to wear my highest, most fear-inducing pair of spike wedges (fear-inducing because it would be disastrous for my ankles if I were to slip and fall...). This outfit feels very me circa 2012. I used to love wearing bolder prints and chunky heels and wedges just last year, while, this year, I prefer very minimalistic, clean designs. I wonder how my style will change next year as I develop my blog.

On a side note, I watched Monster's University last night with my BFF, and it was wonderful! Also loved the short at the beginning of the movie; Pixar always does it right. Scary to think how Monster's Inc. was released when I was eight... time sure flies.

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