Wild One

Monday, June 17, 2013

(thrifted cheetah print top from Goodwill, pants from Forever 21, heels from Zara, bag from Alloy, watch from Michael Kors)

Interesting story about these photos! I woke up early on Sunday to shoot some photos in the morning golden hour, but I overslept a bit and missed it, so I was left with harsh lighting conditions. I tried to make it work, but the direct overhead sunlight was really not flattering me or my outfit. I was frustrated, but I decided to try again later in the day. Before my second photoshoot of the day, I did some research and learned a lot of tips about shooting in less than ideal lighting conditions. Specifically, I learned that you could get great lighting in the middle of the day by shooting in open shade. Such a simple concept, but totally effective! I decided to implement this tip in the photos you see here. Look how even the light is on my face! Haha alright, I'll stop raving about open shade. I'm just glad that I'm gradually getting better at taking photos that flatter both myself and my outfits. :)

Onto the outfitI made a quick stop to Goodwill and got this Michael Kors cheetah print top for only $5.49! I swear, the more I thrift, the more I am convinced that thrifting > retail. What's weird is that I've always loved animal print (especially cheetah and leopard), but I don't really own any animal print in my closet. This top is a great start, haha. I decided to make this outfit really bold by pairing the top with bright red pants, a faux reptile skin bag, and gold accessories.

Last but not least, happy father's day to the best dad ever! I'm always a little self-conscious when I take my outfit pictures outside by myself (I get a lot of weird stares), and I was especially self-conscious when I took these photos because my outfit was so loud, so my wonderful dad decided to accompany me. :) Thank you for working so hard to give me all of the fantastic opportunities I've had, and will have, in my life. Love you dad! <3

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. That's actually a really valuable tip! Not sure I know what open shade means though...
    You and your father are so cute, btw! :)