Retro Floral

Sunday, July 7, 2013

(thrifted floral button-up from Crossroads, bustier top from Foreign Exchange, ankle zip jeans from Forever 21, platform sandals from Payless)

Taking a break from my class readings and assignments to write a quick blog post. I'm glad that my blog and other creative pursuits provide me with a sanctuary from the mundane-ness that academics can be. I've been really driven to take on new projects and try new things these days, but what I lack are time and work-life balance... I guess that's one more thing I need to work on.

The heat wave has finally come to a halt, and the Bay Area has been experiencing more moderate and comfortable temperatures these daysmuch more suitable for me. In an effort to stop wearing black all of the time, I decided to wear this bright floral button-up and these cotton candy pants. A tie-front top feels really retro to me, so I augmented the "retro-ness" by adding these sky-high platform sandals (they're actually super comfortable despite the height).

Back to the grind! Hope you all enjoy the last bit of the weekend xx

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