Wednesday, July 3, 2013

(button-up shirt and skirt from Forever 21, bustier top from Foreign Exchange, buckle sandals from Zara)

Currently writing this post during my 10-minute break in the middle of my macro class. I apologize for the slowdown in posts; I just started summer school this week, and thus, resumed my full-time student status. The only difference is that I've been shifting to an earlier schedule this week, waking up at 6:00 AM everyday, so I'm in the process of finding optimal times to work on my blog. Though, these days, I find it best to blog in the small pockets of time that I do have (for example, I started writing this post this morning right before I left for my 7:30 class, and am continuing to write it during my small break during class time). Balancing full-time school and blogging will be a challenge, but I think that it will force me to be efficient and take advantage of the little free time that I have.

Taking these outfit photos proved to me that my willpower is greatest in the morning and gradually wanes as the day progresses. I took these after I came home from my first day of class, and I was more than a little disheveled from fatigue and heat. Now I know that it would be best if I took my photos in the morning, when I, and my outfit, have not been worn out and my willpower is at its peak.

Onto the outfit. This is a very simple combination of pieces, but simplicity seems like the best option in the middle of this heatwave. Like all my pairs of Zara shoes, I love this pair of buckle sandals. They remind of the Mango fetish sandals that were popular last year that I missed out on. Also in love with the basketweave print of the skirt; the intricate print balances out with the more basic pieces, like the crop top and button-up shirt.

Excited for the four-day weekend (!!!). Have a great 4th of July!

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