Saturday, July 13, 2013

(thrifted chambray jacket and white jeans from Crossroads, sequin top from Forever 21, nude leather sandals from Zara, watch from Michael Kors)

I apologize for the mini hiatus! I'm still figuring how to consolidate my full-time summer school schedule with blogging. I've learned this week that I'm usually too ragged and tired to take outfit shots on my full school days, so I'm taking advantage of my weekends and shorter days to work on blogging.

Ahh, the joys of thrifting. I found this fabulous chambray jacket at Crossroads last week. I love how light and casual it is; it makes for easy layering in the summer. Also, I was really excited to find this pair of white jeans at Crossroads for only $8.50! I've been looking for a pair of white jeans that fit me well (having short legs makes this search more difficult than it needs to be) and I was ready to break the bank to invest in a pair, so I was very glad to find these at Crossroads. These days, I've been trying to buy less retail and, instead, thrift more. Not only is thrifting great for your wallet, but I think that it's an easier way to find your own style since you're not being pulled in by the "fast fashion" of retail stores.

Have a lovely and restful weekend!

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